Top 5 Best Places to Enjoy New Year 2022 in Europe

Top 5 Best Places to Enjoy New Year 2019 in Europe – It’s new year time friends. First of all a very warm happy new year to all the readers. If you reach this article you must be searching for Top 5 Best Places to Enjoy New Year 2019 in Europe. Get ready for some of the most amazing places to celebrate new year’s eve. When It comes to celebrating new year’s eve, Europe is always a No.1 place in the world. Here, you can party hard, drink hard and enjoy very hard. There will be huge fireworks, nightclub parties, rock concerts, dance parties, Mega events, Celeb concerts, Rock n Roll shows, Roof parties and so much to enjoy in Europe. In this article, we are going to tell you the best new year party destinations in Europe.



Top 5 Destination to Celebrate New Year Eve in Europe

Top 5 Destination to Celebrate New Year Eve in Europe

Top 5 Best Places to Enjoy New Year 2019 in Europe

If you are planning to celebrate new year eve 2019 somewhere in Europe you must be searching for the best places in Europe to enjoy the new year 2019. Here we have a list, you can choose any place or if you have a good budget, go out and enjoy every destination –

New Year Destination No. 5 – Paris, France

The French capital is one of the most popular new year destinations in Europe. When it comes to visiting Paris, Eiffel tower comes in mind. Yes, of course, Paris could be your choice to visit on this new year 2019. Every year, millions of people reach Paris to celebrate new year eve. There are so many places where you can go and enjoy the Happy New Year Eve.

  • Celebrate on the Champ de Mars

  • A light show on the Champs-Élysées

  • The Sacré-Coeur street party for new year


  • REX CLUB, Music Venue


These are the popular places in Paris to enjoy new year eve 2019.

New Year Destination No. 4 – Vienna, Austria

The beautiful city of Austria is also a well know new year destination in Europe. The New Year’s Eve Trail the Old City is the highlight.  I can say It is also less expensive than Paris. There are so many places where you can go on this new year to entertain yourself –

  • Kursalon Vienna New Year’s Classical Concert with Optional Dinner

  • New Year’s Eve Gala in Vienna City Hall’s Grand Ballroom

  • Strauss and Mozart Christmas Concert at Kursalon Vienna with Optional Dinner

  • Christmas and New Year Concert at St. Peter’s Church in Vienna

  • Vienna Small-Group Christmas Market Walking Tour

  • The New Year’s Eve Trail in the center of Vienna

  • New Year’s Eve party in the Pratersauna

New Year Destination No. 3 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you are planning to celebrate new year eve in the Netherlands, Amsterdam is waiting for you. It is one of the most popular cities in Europe when it comes to Enjoy the New Year Eve. here are hundreds of parties and club nights taking place in Amsterdam on New Year’s Eve.

  • Feast on oliebollen and Champagne.

  • House-with-a-Roof-Terrace party to Enjoy New Year Fireworks.

  • Unofficial Street New Year Eve Parties (Carefully)

  • New Year Eve Dip at  Zandvoort aan Zee, North Sea.

New Year Destination No. 2 –  Istanbul, Turkey

A very beautiful city in Turkey, Istanbul is on a rise as a Best New Year Places in Europe. No doubt if I could say that stanbul, one of the best places in the world in terms of New Year’s Eve, is waiting for you to have a dreamy New Year’s Eve. You can start your evening with a traditional Turkish meze dinner in a restaurant in Bebek or Istiklal Caddesi, where celebrations are a little tamer. Here ate the best place to spend in Istanbul in the new year 2019 –

  • Gar Music Hall Restaurant New Year Party Istanbul

  • Kervansaray Restaurant New Year Party Istanbul

  • New Year’s Eve Cruise Party on the Bosphorus

  • Tashan Arkat Restaurant & Night Club New Year Party Istanbul

  • Sultanas Restaurant New Year Party Istanbul

New Year Destination No. 1 – Berlin, Germany.

Yes, we are talking about one of the Most popular new year destinations in the world. There are hundreds of places and destinations where you can entertain yourself on the new year eve 2019. Berlin has some of the best clubs in the world which help you to ring in the new year eve. While being in Belin, You can enjoy one of Europe’s biggest open-air parties, ring in the New Year with world-class DJs. There is an electronic atmosphere everywhere in the city.

The best thing about celebrating new year’s eve in Berlin that you will find Fireworks everywhere in the Midnight. The whole city sparkles will firework and you a view it from anywhere in Germany. Here, we have some really cool destinations to celebrate new year 2019 in Berlin.

  • For all ages: Zitadelle Spandau

  • New Year’s Eve on a boat

  • On great heights: House of Weekend

  • Countdown at Brandenburger Tor

  • Solid Techno in Ritter Butzke

  • Famous DJs in Funkhaus Berlin

  • New Years Eve on a Christmas Market

  • Deep house music in Astra Club

  • Nice and cheap: Humboldthain Club

  • All in One: Kulturbrauerei

If you have the plan to visit Europe in this new year now you a lot of reason to visit. Pack your bags, get your materials, your passports, id proofs and also, don’t forget to carry some extra bags as you

must buy many things from the beautiful country. So, here are the Top 5 Best Places to Enjoy New Year 2019 in Europe where you can spend some good time. I hope you like the article.

Updated: December 31, 2021 — 5:44 am