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Happy New Year 2019 Live Videos from the World, Happy New Year 2019: Australia and New Zealand will be one of the first countries to usher in 2019 as the clock strikes midnight then moving across Asia, Africa, Europe and then America.

The New Year 2019 just around the corner and It’s Australia and New Zealand who will see the new sun for the 1st, After them, it will move across Asia, Africa, Europe and then America.

There are Reporters will be the guests of honor at the New Year’s Eve party in New York’s Times Square on Monday, in what organizers said was a celebration of press freedom after an unusually deadly year for journalists at US news outlets, Reuters reported. On the other hand, France is deploying more than 1,47,000 security forces nationwide to take care things for New Year’s Eve unrest as yellow vest protesters prepare to join the public revelry.

New Year Eve comes on 1st January according to Gregorian calendar. The whole world will celebrate this festival in their own manner. There will be parties, New Year Fireworks, light n sound shows, live concerts, celeb’s performances, singing shows, dinings all tempt visitors all around the world.

French police Are Ready to tackle New Year 2019 unrest in Paris

Police in Paris said that they will put a security perimeter around the Champs-Elysees, the site of an annual New Year’s Eve light show and celebration. Previous New Year’s Eves in France have produced burned cars and other disorder.

Las Vegas to welcome 2019 with Celebrities and New Year 2019 fireworks show

Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, and Bruno Mars are among the superstars who will be performing in the new year with performances at venues on the Las Vegas Strip, while more than 300,000 people are expected to gather on the world-famous corridor Monday to watch eight minutes of fireworks.

New York Polic is ready to keep things Under control at Times Square

About 7,000 police officers will be on duty for Monday night’s New Year 2019 festivities in Times Square, including counterterrorism teams with long guns and bomb-sniffing dogs. Police cars and sand-filled sanitation trucks will be positioned to stop vehicles from driving into the crowd.

Russian President Vladamir Putin tells Trump in New Year’s letter he’s open to meeting

The message to Trump was among dozens of holiday greetings Putin sent to other world leaders, each tailored to reflect a bilateral theme. The recipients included Syrian President Bashar Assad, whom Putin has backed throughout a civil war that started in 2011.

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